A Plastic-free Life

PPF: A response!
May 5, 2010, 9:23 AM
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I got a response to one of my letters. I had written to Central Market thanking them for packaging my tortillas in the recycled bags I supplied (I wrote a second time to an actual person) and for not using a band of plastic to seal their store brand honey. Here is their response:


I wanted to thank you for your letters. I shared your story about the tortillas with the bakery department and commended them on meeting your request to bag them in your own bag. I was so happy to hear the story. I shared part of your letter at our quarterly department meeting as the topic on the table was sustainability and living up to our Core Value of Environmental Stewardship.

Thank you so much for the feedback.

Joel Larway

Store Director

Shoreline Central Market

Joel Larway <jlarway@tc-markets.com>

Hooray! Let’s hope this plants some seeds and reverberates.

I also sent the blog info to Danny Westneat (dwestneat@seattletimes.com) (206-464-2086) telling him about our experience and this blog plasticfreelife.wordpress.com). If you want to recommend he look into what we have done / are doing, feel free to email or call him, too.


PPF: Naiveté Wake-Up
April 30, 2010, 10:31 AM
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After feeling bummed that the letters I wrote went out into a big VOID, I decided to try again. This time I would find the name of a real person and mail my letter directly to that person. Wasn’t I the innocent?

Several hours later, I had some unexpected information. It turns out I HAD sent my letters into a REALLY BIG VOID, after all.

The sweet website of laughing children for Horizon products – is actually not the Horizon company, but a company owned by WhiteWave Foods, based in Colorado. WhiteWave also owns: Land O’ Lakes; Silk and International Delights.

The down-home story of Annie’s Naturals beginnings on its website, though charming, fails to mention that Annie sold the company to Homegrown Naturals (not a homegrown little guy, despite its name) a few years back.

So much for naiveté! As of today, Homegrown Naturals Consumer Relations Manager, Sherrie Crespin, will be getting a letter asking that packaging no longer include plastic film over its labels. Her address is: 564 Gateway Dr.; Napa, CA 94558.

Also, WhiteWave’s packaging person, Susan King, will be asked to consider not using plastic nozzles or plastic straws with a letter to her at: WhiteWave Foods; 12002 Airport Way; Broomfield, CO 80021.

More later (I hope).

PPF: No-Brainer Monday

One aspect of plastic is that it is made NOT TO LAST. Exhibit A: my plastic bag with a hole at the seam. I could recycle this (and maybe I will) but I am going to hold onto it. Awhile back I tried to fuse plastic bags together to make a sort of plastic cloth that I could use to make a carrier bag or lunch bag. It didn’t work out so great – but I want to give it another try so this bag may become part of my experiment. (The plastic yarn thing did not work out well at all!)

More thinking today. I unwrapped a bottle of vitamins (among the medicine category I had declared outside of our ability to eliminate) and I realized that not only was the bottle plastic, but the whole thing with shrink-wrapped in a plastic casing. Way too much unnecessary plastic! (The company, Oregon’s Wild Harvest, has been added to my letter-to-be list.) Then I realized something else I COULD DO – only buy vitamins in glass bottles. Simple. Pretty much a no-brainer.

plastic and glass vitamin bottles with packaging

Vitamin Packaging

fingers sticking out of hole in blue plastic bag

Built-in Obsolescence

Day Thirty-Seven: Running Low Thursday
March 25, 2010, 7:45 AM
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More supplies are running low (or out). (Not the toilet paper, of course – as I said, I bought A LOT!)

Bridget wants Q-Tips; I REALLY miss fresh juice; and we went through the last of the chips a week ago. And Vinnie looks very wistful whenever we pass a tray of new spring plants.

After dinner last night, Vinnie and I walked to the store to get nettle capsules for my allergies. We brought a grocery bag with us but no plastic bags or smaller bags. That meant we couldn’t get any bulk items. But we are inventive. I found a small paper bag available next to the fresh mushrooms.

On the way home, we discussed paper bags (sounds scintillating, doesn’t it?). Anyway, I said this plastic embargo got me to at least think about substituting a paper bag for a plastic one and go to trouble of hunting one down. Vinnie said we could always buy a package of lunch-size paper bags at the store. I said, not now, because they would surely come wrapped in some kind of plastic packaging. (I will spare you the rest of the verbatim details.)

But here is a three-step suggestion:

  • Best: Bring your own bags and reuse them.
  • Better: Hunt out and use paper bags the store provides.
  • Good: Buy a package of paper bags and use those.

Day Thirteen: Mundane Monday
March 1, 2010, 10:38 AM
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My sewing machine isn’t working. It is plastic. I am bummed.

Day Eight: Dental Death Wednesday
February 24, 2010, 9:26 AM
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Maybe that title isn’t exactly positive thinking, here. This morning I get a bridge for the molar that had the root canal.Should be great fun 🙂

Yogurt – a bit of thickening. Ricotta – turning hard as rock. Definitely too much vinegar, I think.

Today I shop for cheesecloth.

No comment on dental procedure but afterward I went to Jamba Juice and got extra, extra large power size carrot, orange and pineapple juice with Immunity Boost. Plastic lid, plastic straw, PLASTIC TOOTH. Enough said.

Eureka on cheesecloth quest! They sell it at Northgate’s Pacific Fabrics for $2.49 per yard. We now have two yards.

white fabric lying on chair

Day One: Ash Wednesday
February 17, 2010, 3:29 PM
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No problem. No shopping needed. We are all stocked up.