A Plastic-free Life

Day Twelve: Serene Sunday
February 28, 2010, 10:35 AM
Filed under: Home Made, Triumph over Plastic, Trumped by Plastic

Our yogurt is amazing, like thick silk. Our granddaughter, Mia, says, “it tastes like ‘Greek yogurt’ “ (pretty much the highest compliment). I think the difference was using whole milk. To honor such gorgeous yogurt, I made a batch of granola, Hollyhock recipe, with pecans instead of sesame seeds (See Sad Story below).

Central Market sold me fresh Parmesan (the clerk rewrapped a bulk piece in waxed paper). Also, the woman packaging fresh tortillas, willingly tucked a dozen of them into the waxed paper cereal box line I had brought with me. bouquet of daffodils, bag of flour and Hollyhock cookbook

I feel like a total hippie Earth Mother. All I need is a backpack and bicycle helmet to complete the image. No nigari so not tofu-making in our immediate future.

Note to self: Be sure the plastic bags are dry. And, no holes or one may (theoretically) leave a trail of flour in one’s wake J

Found a brand of flour packaged in a brown paper bag, distributed by a group named: The Shepherd’s Grain’. Their info says that they are committed to sustainability. www.foodalliance.org

Sad Story: One property that glass has and plastic bags don’t – is that glass is breakable. I never got to taste my exquisite handcrafted granola. 😦

broken glass jar with granola on floor


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