A Plastic-free Life

Day Ten: Tortilla Lament Friday
February 26, 2010, 9:29 AM
Filed under: Home Made, Trumped by Plastic

We ate our last three whole wheat tortillas last night.empty plastic tortilla package near vase of flowers

I am now banking on being able to get them to put some of their fresh-made ones from Central Market into a paper sack for me.

Let me explain what tortillas mean to us. They are our ultimate fast-food. When we are all starving and tired, we can whip together bean and cheese tostados on soft corn or wheat tortillas in about five minutes.

Bridget thinks making our own (read – Mom makes them) is a great idea. This is something I have done on occasion for FUN! We have an ancient wooden tortilla press (which I usually line with a torn open plastic bag,I will point out) and I use store-bought masa  (corn flour) for the process.

wooden tortilla press on table

I am sure you can see where the ‘whole quick meal, staving off starvation’ concept would not be too well-served with this plan.

I am thinking of mounting an ‘anti-plastic straw’ campaign. What’s wrong with the paper ones?

My friend Katie (currently in Mongolia) said she could never do this experiment over there.

Another friend, Stella, remembers using newspapers to line the garbage can.

Denise has the real question – what about doggie poop???

Much to ponder.

Grocery shopping at Whole Foods and Bartel’s, my list of what I didn’t buy is way longer than what I did. No fresh basil (for the pannini I was making for dinner); no pistachios (supposed to lower our cholesterol); no yogurt; no chocolate; no gelatti (served in plastic bowl); no packaged lemons; no oranges. I bought a loaf of Grand Central bread in a paper bag; tangerines that I put into a plastic bread bag I brought with me; chard I put into a cloth bag I had made (from dish towels) but never used before. Discouraging.

chard in cloth bag and bread in paper bag and tangerines


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Doggie poop – pick up with a PAPER TOWEL, and place it in a PAPER bag. You can still get brown paper bags in the produce section of most stores.

Comment by Beverly

Excellent idea.

Comment by blogroslyn

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