A Plastic-free Life

Day Nine: Thoughtful Thursday
February 25, 2010, 10:04 AM
Filed under: Triumph over Plastic, Trumped by Plastic

As we pondered our new cheesecloth last night, and the two half-gallons of milk in the fridge – Bridget commented that next we’ll be growing our own soybeans. This is sort of beginning to feel more like a back-to-the-earth experience rather than just remembering to bring the reusable bags to the grocery store.

Vinnie brought his own plastic bags to Central Co-Op yesterday and got our oatmeal and lentils. Much to his surprise when he asked for ‘nigari’ or something like that – the coagulant needed for tofu-making, they all seemed to know what he was talking about, even though they didn’t have any!

This morning I poured the bulk sea salt into our old sea salt container. yellow funnel on top of salt box

I also ate the yogurt ( which I had been draining since Sunday night) on my granola. Tasted fine, though it never did get very thick and as you can see, that is after almost half the extra liquid drained off.yogurt in strainer on top of clear plastic container with fluidDenise just pointed out that our daily newspaper comes in a plastic bag. Can’t think of any way of changing that. Hmm.


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